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5 Fast Fixes For Youthful Skin!✨

Rest and relaxation is not always in the cards for us to prevent stress and look our best! In this digital age we need to detox our lives and skin to look more youthful! Stress and fatigue will manifest in our skin leading us to age faster and be more dehydrated. Unfortunately, there is no time to wait for results!  Try these 5 fast fixes to improve your complexion and have glowing, youthful skin!

Brightening Treatment
What You'll Overcome: Dull lackluster skin!  Stress and bad habits will cause fatigue leading to dull and tired skin!
How To Handle: Peels offer quick and easy results!  A quick glycolic peel from your esthetician or try an at home brand.  Within 30 minutes, the top layer of skin will be gone and the new soft healthy skin will GLOW, brightening up your complexion!
Deep Pore Cleansing
What you'll Overcome: Blackheads! Summer heat, sweat, oil based makeup and sunscreen all can cause clogged pores.
How To Handle: Quickly steam your face either in the shower or over a hot bowl of water, purge and extract the black, followed by a deep cleansing clay or charcoal mask to continue to detoxify and clear the skin!
**Over cleansing can cause harm and if you've washed the night before you should still have a clean face.  If you feel oil, try using a toner instead.
Moisture Mask
What you'll Overcome: Dehydrated skin is the first sign of aging skin! It shows wrinkles and fine lines much more than plump hydrated skin!
How To Handle: Hydrate your skin! Hydration is an Instant Face Lift! Spa Splurge Gold Collagen Mask or other sheet masks are easy to apply and offer quick results. Cleanse face and apply the mask for 20-30 minutes. The hyaluronic acid helps to rehydrate & restore moisture to the skin. 
Eye Treatment
What you'll Overcome: Tired and puffy eyes!
How To Handle: Eye masks! Banish puffy and get to perky! Perky eyes will make for a youthful look. Place Gold Collagen Under Eye Masks or other collagen eye pads under the eyes for 20-30 minutes. The cooling of the collagen mask will remove puffiness. 
Internal Beauty
What you'll Overcome: Grey, dry skin!
 How To Handle: Glow from the inside out by drinking water throughout the day and providing proper fuel to your body! Eating fruits, veggies, and lean meats along with drinking water will turn your skin around within a week!

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