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Citra Paraffin Hand Masks are perfect for at home spa treatments

Citra Hands Paraffin Mask

Soften Skin with Pre-Filled Paraffin for easy to use at Home Spa Treatments! Hydrate and sooth dry hands with warm paraffin and coconut oil. Our Citra Paraffin Hand Masks heat in your Microwave!

What it is formulated to Accomplish:

Hydrate and soften hands with heated paraffin and essential oils of Coconut and Lavender. Powerful antioxidants of Green Tea Extract will assist in brightening sun damage and age spots for youthful supple skin on the hands.

What you need to know:

Skin is immediately hydrated and soften reducing the appearance of wrinkles and dry patches. Works to beautify the nail beds and cuticles.

Remove paraffin masks from foil packet and place in microwave safe dish. Heat for 90-120 seconds. Massage paraffin to coat entire glove/bootie and cut along the dotted line. Check heat sensor sticker. Place hand/foot in glove/bootie for 10-15 minutes. Remove, fold back up in box and save for 2-3 more uses.                                            


  1. The mask does not need to be fully melted or completely liquid. This will be too hot. The mask has a sensor sticker on it and this will help to assist you when it is too hot. The mask needs to be a mushy consistency with some liquid.
  2. Cut open the mask and pull apart so the paper liner is on each side of the plastic masks. Hand or foot goes into the center with paper liner on sides.
  3. When placing the mask on the hand or foot move the paraffin around to fully cover the hand or foot. Then you want to leave it alone and let it set. Because the mask is made from natural ingredients the coconut oil and extracts need to separate out from the paraffin wax. (Just like oil and water these will need to separate and cool this way.) Do not massage or play with the mask once on. Once the mask is on for 10-20 minutes pull it off. This will make it mess free as the paraffin will dry on the paper liner and the oils will be on the hand or foot.
  • Coconut Oil hydrates and softens skin
  • Powerful Antioxidants and Vitamin C work to brighten skin and event skin tone
  • Lavender and Citrus for a relaxing fragrance and treatment
  • Heats in your microwave
  • Natural Ingredients and Paraben Free
Weight 170 g
Dimensions 9.094 x 1.094 x 6.563 in