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Cancer Spa Treatments

A portion of the sales from all Breast Masks are donated back to provide free products for women undergoing active cancer treatments!

At Spa Splurge, our goal is to Splurge on Yourself and Invest in Change for Others.

After a harrowing experience with her son, founder Alia Hosch realized the need for a product to assist in soothing breastfeeding mom’s breast area. While undergoing research and development, she quickly realized the application of such a product for women going through treatment for breast cancer. The need for a product to not only relieve burns from radiation but also post mastectomy to heal the skin and reduce scaring was not available on the market. The Collagen Breast Mask is a revolutionary design with active ingredients to promote healing and soothing from radiation and post mastectomy.

Spa Splurge’s collections are all natural, paraban free, and contain essential oils and extracts. Our ingredients are safe to use while pregnant, breast feeding and undergoing cancer treatments. The formulations were specifically created to boost intercellular healing and prevent skin damage. Spa Splurge encourages the use of our Breast Masks for all stages of breast cancer therapy and for breast feeding moms. These masks will sooth sore, dry nipples and aid in healing the burn site from radiation treatments.

Spa Splurge also promotes the use of our hand and foot paraffin masks for women undergoing chemotherapy to heal dry, cracked skin.

The Boobie Basket is a gift filled with rejuvenation, comfort and laughter!

“We are honored to assist women in creating memories with a spa experience in their home to relax and rejuvenate with girlfriends, sisters, mothers and daughters. These moments to laugh and share with friends are priceless and the some of the best healing medicine on earth!”

Alia Hosch, Founder, Soul Amenities



Spa Splurge donates Collagen Breast Masks as well as Hand and Foot Paraffin Masks to women undergoing active cancer treatments. To learn more about our program, share your story of hope and share your pictures, please fill out the form on the Inquires page. We also encourage you to share your story, photos or  your experience with products on our Facebook or Instagram.